¡Feliz Navidad!

We thought this year we couldn't make the traditional card, but finally recycling was the key XDD

Merry Christmas to you all! Have fun with your families and friends and if you're having tough times be brave and smile!

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Last week we were doing this new Gakuchi when our PC ALPHONSE decided to kill itself *sigh*, so after a week we're more or less done with it... because after having everything arranged, the slave HDD died. We're still trying to save it doing a low level format, but we don't know if there's still hope for it x___x. Thanks goodness this time we haven't lost any information because the HDD was almost empty and we could move the data to the master one. On a positive note, we've changed to Win 8 and the PC is faster than before ;P
So here is the new Gakuchi, this time as Lucy Camui.... we suck at making backgrounds XDDD

Gakuchi feat. Lucy Camui
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Gakuchi, food and random cuteness ^__^

Hi friends!!! How are you doing?? This time wasn't so long since the last post XD

We're on Gakuchi mood, so we wanted to make a new one. We think this is the first Gakuchi we've made with our BAMBOO tablet (we can't remember because it was a loooong time since we made the last one XD). It's way easier with a tablet than with a mouse, but as we were out of shaped, we spent a lot of time making it XDD.
Last week game at CAGS reminded us the idea we had time ago to make Gakuchis featuring all GACKT characters, so when we saw last July 31th was Gakupo's birthday, we decided to start with him ^__^. Here it is the result, Gakuchi feat. Gakupo:
Gakuchi this way...Collapse )

And lately we've been in cooking mood too, this morning we've just bought a new mixer with a ballon wisk to be able to whip the eggs and so. We're excited about it, so we think we're going to make cheese cake to celebrate it XD. These are some of the recipes we've mastered lately XDD, if you're interested in any of them, tell us and we'll upload the recipe for you ^__^
Lots of food ;PCollapse )

And we also have new cats at home... Do you remember little Rubi? She had kids (again) a few months ago ^__^
Cats, cats, cats XDCollapse )

Well, this was long after all XD
Take care dears! <3
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Book of the week: Nightrunner Series by Lynn Flewelling

We’re trying to improve our English skills because we’re aiming to pass the level B2 of the Official English exam. We still aren’t preparing it properly but people have recommened us to write in English as much as we can so we can naturally “think in the language”.  To
achieve our goal we’re starting with some books and manga reviews.
Usually books reviews will be writte
n by Rosa and manga reviews by Inma. If you spot some Grammar/Vocabulary/Use of English murder please, feel free to point it to us, we’ll really apreciate it ^___^

248166_402151656494900_420821609_n     Nigthrunner  Series by Lynn Flewelling
Author: Lynn Flewellin.
                Lynn Flewelling  Official Page.
                Lynn Flewelling at Goodreads.
                Lynn Flewelling at Livejournal.
                Lynn Flewelling at Facebook.
                Lynn Flewelling at Twitter.
Number of books: 7 (currently 6 published) + Extra (short stories)
1.       Luck in the shadows. Buy at Amazon.
2.       Stalking Darkness. Buy at Amazon.
3.       Traitor’s Moon. Buy at Amazon.
4.       Shadows Return. Buy at Amazon.
5.       The White Road. Buy at Amazon.
6.       Casket of Souls. Buy at Amazon.
7.       Yet to be published.
Extra. Glimpses: A Collection of Nightrunner Short Stories. Buy at Amazon.

Impressions under the cutCollapse )
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Giveaway! (After a long time ^__^Û)


It's been a long time!!! We'll try to be back little by little... lately we have a lot of things to do and very little time... I is making her final proyect and R is working with a scholarship again. So we have more than a year to catch up with.

Let's get to the point... in this months we haven't been here, R created a blog to sell handmade things, and to promote it she's doing a giveaway. On sunday 10th there will be a little raffle to win this doll

If you like it and you want to participate, you only have to follow this little rules:
1.Be fan of "El Gato sobre el Tejado" at Facebook. (Be sure you can recieve messages from everybody, so I can contact you in case you're the winner).
Like here: http://www.facebook.com/ElGatoSobreElTejado

2. Like and write a comment in this pic.
Like here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=457649900967117&set=a.457649897633784.101258.334477683284340&type=1&relevant_count=1

3. Share the pic as public. (Be sure is that pic you're sharing).

More pics of this doll and much more at http://gatosobreeltejado.blogspot.com
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We’re already at home since yesterday night *feeling relieved* but we’re still dead after the travel. We thought it couldn’t be worse than last year but we were wrong u____u

Train trip to Barcelona ò__óCollapse ) Before the concertCollapse )The concertCollapse )After the concertCollapse )

All this had been a weird experience, but the concert was so awesome that worth all the troubles with the trip.  Now we have to catch up with all our F-list post since now we aren't afraid of spoilers ^___^

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Off to Barcelona

Tomorrow morning we'll leave to Barcelona for YFCz concert on Saturday ^_____^. We're so excited despite the travel *sigh* damn train u___u and we're a little sad because we finally can't meet up  with obssesed7374. We're going to miss you <33 but we'll see you next time for sure!!

See you on Sunday night, have fun!!
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Mission acomplished!!

v(^__^)v We got them!! Despite being a local festivity (this week was our city's fair), the shop opened on Friday and we could get the tickets. We were nervous because we couldn't buy them online and after last year madness we thought we might be unable to buy them. Fortunately this year things have been easier... there are many concerts and the venues are bigger so it not that difficult to get them ^___^.
This is how the spanish tickets look like ^___~
Tickets and cats pic spamCollapse )
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"I'll give you Vanilla" XDDDD

YATAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Last week we received it!!!! *_______________*

We were so nervous due to our past experiences with Spanish postal service ò___ó, but this time the package arrived safely. Though we had to pick it up at the post office thanks to our "dear" lazy postman...
We enjoyed the DVD a lot, it's so funny despite the subs don't seem very accurate ¬__¬ We loooved Barcelona's part and we were so excited when we discovered they included the "os quierro " and "next time I'll give you Vanilla" XDDDD. We also loved to see tenshin26100 so many times in the DVD... so lucky!! We weren't on it but Rosa's boyfriend was XDDD he's among the crowd during the live XDDD
The CD is also so great!! We loove live versions *_____*. Now we're planning a new Gday with elanor_892 and her boyfriend to watch the DVD together. Maybe we'll do it during the city fair's break next week ^__________^

Now we're so excited about the new YFCz Europe tour *_______________* We hope the dates will be published soon to organice the trip. We hope he goes soon to America too, so all our friends can see him too.
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Two Nico Nico CM HD *__*

The other day while fooling around the net, we found an intereting web that uploads Japanese CMs in HD *___________*
In the web you can download two of the recent Nico Nico CMs, they're big, around 25 Mb each one in *.ts format, here are two screencaps ^____~ (click for real size)

  Forever young CM

  Forbidden questions CM

You can download them from here: jpcmhd.tumblr.com/search/GACKT

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Beauty this way :3

YAY!!!! First time in a looooooooooong time that postal service delivers a package without any incident ^_____^. Last Tuesday we got our YFCz DVD *____________*

It has the sticker!!!! It has the sticker!!!! YAY!!!! *dancing* We thought it wouldn't had it since we ordered it really late... you know we were going to wait and blah, blah, blah ^____^Û. So we were so excited when we opened it and saw the sticker ^____^, it's first press after all. We aren't going to scan it because pyroyale and paraph  have already done it, and their scans skills are better than ours ^___~

We already watched the DVD and we have to say that despite -in our opinion- there are some wasted shots, the edition is better than we expected, we were so frightened about "audience edition", and it's also so different from WOWOW version... we're happy about it, generally we don't like WOWOW edition so much, it makes us dizzy at times u__u and the sound quality isn't the best either.

We're going to watch it again but this time in ECCHID ^_____^.

And before we forgot, last Monday was Valentine... we don't pay so much attention to Valentine but we recieved a lovely V-gift from subtlepresence  *___________* Thank you ^___^,  we looove it!!! It's so cute >___<

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It's over!!!

Last night we came back from Madrid after taking Noken N5. We're still a little tired but we achieved our goal finally ^__^  So we can say: MISSION COMPLETED *throw confetti* though we have to wait till middle February for the results.

After all the stress we had the last days, everything went so smoothly since Saturday. We took the AVE to go to Madrid on Saturday night (it was a surprise to discover the tickets we bought with a great web discount were in a preferent wagon XDD). We arrived to Atocha station very nervous and tired, but fortunately the hostel was very near to the train station, about 10 minutes by foot, so we headed to there with our friend anaswings  and her mother ^__^.
We managed to sleep a little though we were awaking continuosly due to the nerves and almost oversleep because the alarm didn't ring T^T But we awoke on time ^__^Û

We arrived at UAM with anaswings  and her mother about 8:30 but we had to split at the entrance since she was taking N4. We we arrived to the N5 building and our friends elanor_892, her boyfriend and aiwatan were already there.
The exam started a little late because we had to wait for some people that weren't still there and finally didn't arrive (we supposed it was due to the airports' chaos at the weekend).

Grammar was very difficult for us u___u, but the rest was affordable, specially listening that was surprisingly easy YAY!!
So the morning passed quickly, when we realized it, it was already 13:30 and the exam was over.  More than 2 years studing for a little moment.

We said goodbye to our friends and took the train to Atocha station again, we were planning to have lunch at a Korean restaurant near Atocha, but when we arrived to the restaurant, we didn't like its looks. We know you can't be guided with appearences but a restaurant with mirrored windows and the front door closed despite it was open, don't give us good vibrations ^__^Û We ended up eating at station's Burger King XDDD (Rosa: it was about 8 years since my last burger in a fast food restaurant) because everything was full due to the rain outside so we couldn't investigate more places.

After having lunch we were planning to visit the Prado Museum. Sundays afternoon it's free, but the queue was awesomely large, when we saw it, we thought we'll have to wait around 2 hours to enter the museum, so as it was starting to rain again and our train back left at 20:00, we decided to come back to to station and spend the time there. We were watching the stores at the station and the turtles in the tropical garden inside it. It's a very rare thing to find a tropical garden inside a train station XDDD It's placed at the ancient station, and it's awesome. In fact, many people go there for a walk though they don't have to take a train.

  Click for bigger turtles XDD

Finally we arrived home safely and it was raining like hell @___@ The rain was pursuing us ;___; but we could relax at last and let Coco to spoil us ^___^
Thank you all again for your sweet comments, it helped us a lot!!
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Noken time

In a few hours we'll leave to the train station to take the train to Madrid (luckily we haven't had to catch a plane this time). We'll be taking the exam tomorrow morning *nervous*  but we still have some review to do T^T

The time has passed so quickly... we had the feeling this time wasn't going to arrive ever, but here it is... Our teacher is in Japan at the moment, so we had to resolve doubts by email, but she sent us KIAI ^________^

We'll be back tomorrow night but we'll have to wait till March to know the results u____u *cry in a corner* It will be the toughest part... we hope we can pass it, wish us good luck!!

See you!
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News about Noken and more XDD

We're still alive though we don't know for how long ;P
We recieved our Noken Test Voucher on Thrusday so now we're even more nervous u__u *cries in a corner*. We've already booked the train to Madrid and the hostel (we'll have to go to Madrid the day before the exam because the test start very early ToT). So we still have a lot of study and review to do on top of all the daily things we have to do... college, work... *sigh*... *starting to feel depressed*
But enough whining, we'll stop here XDD

In other news, last November 10th a friend won a poetry award, "XXIII Premio Internacional de Poesía Fundación Loewe" (XXIII Poetry Fundation Loewe International Award), and we're very happy for him. The book is named "Las Ollerías" and it will be published soon *excited*.
Here there is a little information about the award, in case someone is interested:


Well, we'll leave in a few minutes to study Japanese with elanor_892  ^__^ Wish us good luck ^___~
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VAMPS here we go!!!!

In a few hours we'll be traveling to Sevilla to take a plane to Barcelona ^____^ (Thank you dad <33) *excited* though we'll have to wake up at 4:00 AM to be at the airport for the 7:00 flight T^T

We almost couldn't do it, but finally we manage to arrange everything to go to the concert ^____^ (Rosa: I finally got the work scholarship and I worked today and I will work on wenesday too, so we have to go by plane to Barcelona to be on time to work on wenesday ^__^Û)

So tomorrow we'll see VAMPS live (and we'll see Ju-ken *___* we missed him at GACKT's concert)

See you on wenesday night!!! *going to have dinner and check everything*
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We're back!!!!

Finally at home…

We’re still stunned but we’ll try to make a report, although nothing we can say would describe properly what we lived there *_____________*


Our very long impressions ;)Collapse )

Thanks everybody for left comments on our previous entry to wish us a great time. It was an unforgettable experience, we can’t believe it yet, we had the feeling we saw a concert DVD in a reaaaaaaaaally big screen XDDD

All the time we had been waiting for the concert to arrive, worth it.

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Tomorrow we'll be off to Barcelona YAY!!!!!!!!

though we will be about 11 hours in  a train *sigh* we're really excited about the trip...
These past weeks were really really busy (so sorry for not commenting but we have been reading your posts ^__^), we were doing a little job to get money for merchandise... a delivery job walking on the streets with 43 ºC @___@ everything to get a Gackuchi plush... and it seems he didn't bring them to Europe T^T *glares at GACKT* XDDD

We still have to pack, but we already have all we need: concert tickets, train tickets, hostal reservations, books, snacks and drinks for the train, clothes for the concert (except hats because we couldn't find any u__u) and the trip,  money XDDD, camera (though we can't use it at the venue)... yep, we think everything is controlled XDDDD

About the clothes for the concert, we were a little envious of cmsgackt XDD so we also made (well, Rosa made) a gakuchi t-shirt for each one ^____^ (I finished them this morning ^___^Û) We almost couldn't made them because we couldn't find a suitable t-shirt for paint till last wenesday... we were desesperated because all the t-shirts we found were small or too big, or transparent ¬__¬, or too expensive, but finally we found them in a chinese shop O__ó This is the result ^___~



Inma's is the black one and Rosa's is the grey one (Rosa: I wanted it white, but it was too transparent T^T) and our trousers' color are switched ^__^

And... we almost forgot with the excitement of the concert, but last week Inma's B-day present arrived... Do you remember the "infamous lost package"? well, it was its little brother XDD But finally it arrived safely after the reshipment ^___^ We were nervous about the reshipment because we were about a week without internet conection u___u so its arrival was a surprise because we couldn't track it.

  Inma: My precioussssssssssss XDD

Well, now we're going to pack everything... see you on thursday!!!!!
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Today is Rosa's birthday!!!

It is already July 5th, so....

Happy Birthday, Onee-chan!!!! ^_____________^

Well, it's 2AM  and she just went to sleep so she'll read this when she get up in the morning XDD
I usually go to sleep much later than her... but today she went to sleep later than usual ¬____¬ (she must have super powers XD)

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Our japanese teacher is back!!!!! *O*

YAY!!!!! Yesterday we had japanese lessons again ^_______________^ We missed it a lot... it was about a month and a half since the last lesson. We were a little dense at it because we couldn't even finish our homeworks due to exams and college stuff, so while we were doing listening, we were like @___@ what's that?? XDDD
But we're very happy, we missed Keiko-san so much!!!! She's adorable ^___^ and we were talking a lot of time, before and after the lesson... we even talked about GACKT (though she doesn't like him at all XDDD) and she brought us some presents and some stuff we asked her to buy ^________^

Are you curious?? Click ^____^ Collapse )
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We got them!!!! This morning we went to the shop and got the tickets!!! YAY!!! We thought we weren't going to be able to buy them, because when we left home, the tickets weren't available on the web site... but finally we got them without problems!!!! (Inma: when the salesman said to us: "How many do you want?" I couldn't believe it ^__^)
We hope all people in our f-list that are planning to go to a concert can get their tickets ^____~ 
Here are a pic of the tickets ^_____^ We're curious if are the same in every country ;P

And this is a little old but the last week on May was our city's carnival. The carnival ^___^Collapse )

And also, as we promised, here are the recipes of Gyoza and Teriyaki chicken ^_____^
Recipes *ñam*Collapse )

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VAMPS tickets, recipes and more ^____^

Taking a break from college stuff... (the worst stuff is still to came u__u) yesterday we went to buy our tickets for Barcelona's VAMPS concert!!!!! We're very excited about it, although the concert is on October ^___^

Aren't they cute??? We had prefered that they were in color *O* but well, we like them XDDD. Now we have to book the hotel and the transport... we're deciding between train or plane :| To book the train we'll have to wait till June, and we'll loose a day... We can book the plane now, but... well Rosa's boyfriend and Inma are a little hesitant about it, they don't like planes... (R: Planes are funny, I promise ;P)

VAMPS, THERE WE GO!!!!!!! *_____________________*

Also here are the recipes kay_dalle and tsukisagi requested ^____^ We translated them to english in case anybody else is interested in them. We hope the translations are accurate, because we aren't familiar with cooking terms.


The recipes ^¬^Collapse )

In a future entry we'll post Teriyaki chicken and Gyoza recipes too  *ñam*

Yesterday we also recieved a postcard from our japanese teacher *_____* She'll come back on June, we can't wait, although we haven't finished our homework yet XDDD

It's so beautiful, we love Kyoto Kinkakuji Temple *O* we hope we can see it in the near future ^_____^ *dreaming*

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Laruku!!!! v(^__^)v

Last thrusday  the package with L'arc stuff arrived!!!! YAY!!! We haven't finished watching all the stuff because Inma had an exam yesterday in the afternoon u_u but we're going to finish it at weekend ^___^
These are our first Laruku stuff, we're very happy!!! The concert is awesome!!! Though now that we're accustomed to GACKT we miss the story behind ^__^Û

Here are some pics ^___^


The Quadrinity package is awesome *____* , it's a pity can't say the same about the L'7 package ¬___¬ it's pretty simple, but the concert is awesome, so we don't mind it ^___^

  And this cuttie was a gift for two item with a free gashapon promotion ^___^ (We love Monokuro *O* it's so cute!!!)  You can choose among various gashapon series, but the gashapon will be random, and we were so lucky, because we got the one we liked the best *___*
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Kanji cards part 2

Yesterday our japanese teacher told Inma that next friday we have to do an exam @_@ (R: I couldn't go to class because I was ill *damn alimentary alergies* T^T) A verbs' exam!! O__ó So, this morning we awake on kanji cards mood XDDD. Here are 64 kanji cards ^_______^



Welcome party to... "The infamous lost package" X3

Yesterday in the afternoon, finally, the "lost package" arrived!!!!! *dancing and jumping along the room* The shop reshipped it on monday and since we upgrade the shippment to express, (we didn't want to take any risks),  in four days it was here!!! *O*
At night we saw the DVDs that come with Stay the Ride Alive *O* The making of the PV it's great!!! We looove the part with the little girl ^___^
Gacktionary is awesome *______________* (R:Thanks nee-chan :3) and we think we'll watch Jougen no Tsuki Concert at weekend  *¬* (So many things to do and so little time to do them *sigh*)

Now we have to leave for our japanese lessons, but here are some photos ;)

Our precious XDDDD

This is a promotional gift ^___^ It's a Hitman Reborn pen for NDS *o* though the camera didn't want to photograph it XDD
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Final Fantasy XIII *O*

Yay!! We got FFXIII collector's edition on tuesday!!
As we don't have a PS3 T__T (yet XD, well, we have one at home but it isn't ours), we bought it for XBOX 360.

We started to play it yesterday when R came back from her exam, (R: At least I have a little break from college till March 25th when I'll have to explain a topic... but yesterday I finally did my last exam in a while,  Treatments of disorders of the oral and written language, it was very hard, but I hope I can pass it ^___^), the graphics are awesome and the story seems really interesting ^__^.

We're a little stressed @__@ there are a lot of things that we have to do apart from college stuff: Project G, scan the kanji notebooks we bought on eBay, scan a little more G stuff, play FFXIII, make some kanji cards, go visit a friend to give him his epiphany's present O_o, play FFXIII, read some manga, watch doramas and animes, put in order a lot of video and image folders, play FFXIII (have we said it yet!? XD)...

We're excited about "the infamous lost package", the shop reshipped it on monday and today it's on Madrid... we hope tomorrow it will be here *____* We can't wait for it!!!

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